December 5, 2023

The MAC Julia Petit Collection: Flexible, magnificent colors for everybody

using small Red Lipstick from the new MAC Julia Petit collection coming March 12 to the MAC web site as well as March 18 to MAC stores as well as counters
If all makeup collections tell a story, then for me, the new MAC Julia Petit collection starts in a vibrant cafe somewhere in the heart of São Paulo.

Our heroine, uber-famous Brazilian way of life blog writer Julia Petit, is sitting at a table outside with a sweetheart e uma xícara de café. They’re chatting about makeup as well as cats as well as chuckling as well as having fun.


Over the program of a couple hours, a lot more good friends trickle in, taking seats around the table as well as ordering coffee as well as snacks, up until every square inch of table area is packed.

Eight of 11 pieces in the new MAC Julia Petit collection
That’s exactly how this collection feels like to me. It’s like, all the women are there, as well as everyone’s enjoying themselves, as well as absolutely nobody feels left out.

In the time I’ve spent with the collection so far, I get a strong sense of inclusiveness, like Julia desired versatile colors that would fit everyone.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

From the neutrals in the eyeshadow duos to the blush as well as the lipsticks, all of them seem extremely easily accessible to me, which is to state that there aren’t any type of crazy-pants blackened forest eco-friendly eye glosses right here (although those definitely have their time as well as place!).

From the matte browns in the eyeshadow duos, the red lipstick (always a classic), the soft pinkish peach lipstick (do neutral lips ever go out of style? hell NAW!) as well as the peachy pinkish bronze powder blush (which must look AMAZEBALLS with or without a tan), I’m likewise getting a trend-defying ladylike vibe.

That said, there’s still space for bad-girl black eyeliner as well as a pair of @ss-kicker motorcycle boots. The deep violet matte lipstick adds just sufficient rebelliousness for gals who like their makeup with an edge.

Lipsticks from the left in Boca, small Red as well as Acai
All three of these lipsticks are desire listing worthy. Satiny soft pinkish nude Boca, matte strawberry cream small Red as well as matte deep violet Acai are a saturated symphony of smoothness that would make Fred as well as Ginger proud.

Lipstick in Boca
Lipstick in small Red
Lipstick in Acai
Same goes for the soft pinkish brown Powder blush in Linda. incredibly pigmented, as well as it lasts all the time long on my cheeks (for reference, I have combo dry/oily skin). as for the finish? Swoon City.

Powder blush in Linda
At very first glance, I believe it absolutely appears like a matte on my skin (so there’s no drama including my pores, YAY!), however when I look closer…I see a lovely, subtle sheen.

Perfect, since I like the look of radiant skin as well as cheeks. I believe Linda will absolutely assist in that pursuit.

I’m team radiant Skin all the way!

Then there are the eyeshadow duos, which get two paws up from me for their smooth matte completes as well as wearability. They’re a great location to begin if you’re totally new to eye makeup.

Eye shadow X 2 in Morganite
Petit Eye shadow X 2 in Sagu

Eye shadow X 2 in moving Sand

If, however, your eyeshadow circumstance is completely locked as well as loaded, you’re likely to already discover similar colors in your stash.

And exactly how about Purpurine? It’s a sheer peach Lipglass with pink as well as gold pearl. Purr-fect for when I’m in the mood for sparkly lips as well as barely-there color.

Lipglass in Purpurine
Lipglass in Purpurine

Eye shadow X 2 in Morganite; Sunstoned (left) as well as Choco Cake (right)
Eye shadow X 2 in moving Sand; Mumu (left) as well as Noite (right)
Eye shadow X 2 in Sagu; Druzy (left) as well as Black Plum (right)
Powder blush in Linda
Lipstick swatches from the left: Boca, small Red as well as Acai
Lipglass in Purpurine
Lipstick in Acai
Lipstick in Boca


Whatever your makeup style (edgy, boho, preppy, traditional with a touch o’ trendy), you’re likely to discover something to like as well as wear in this collection. It’s a party, as well as everyone’s invited. look for it on the internet starting March 12, as well as at MAC counters as well as stores March 18.

The MAC Julia Petit collection includes…

Satin Lipstick in Boca, a soft pink nude. $17.50 US, $21 CDN.

Satin Lipstick in small Red, a strawberry cream. $17.50 US, $21 CDN.

Matte Lipstick in Acai, a brilliant deep violet. $17.50 US, $21 CDN.

Lipglass in Purpurine, a shimmering sheer peach with pink as well as gold pearl. $16.50 US, $20 CDN.

Liquidlast liner in wet Road, a black with pearl. $20 US, $24 CDN.

Eye shadow X 2 in Morganite, with Lustre Eye shadow in Sunstoned (a soft pink champagne) as well as Matte Eye shadow in Choco Cake (a dark chocolat). $ 22 US, $ 26.50 CDN.

Eye Shadow X 2 i Sagu, med glans øjenskygge i Druzy (en beskidte mauve-lilla) samt matte øjenskygge i sort blomme (en dyb blacket blomme). $ 22 US, $ 26.50 CDN.

Øjenskygge x 2 i bevægelige sand, med glans øje skygge i noite (en sort med perle) samt matte øjenskygge i mumu (en blød nøgenbrun). $ 22 US, $ 26.50 CDN.

Luster dråber rosa rebel, en blålig pink med gylden perle. $ 21 US, $ 25 CDN.

Prep + Prime Transparent Completing Powder presset. $ 28 US, $ 33 CDN.

Satin pulver rødme i Linda, en blød pinkish bronze. $ 24 US, $ 28.50 CDN.

Din venlige samfund appelmisbruger,


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